Mastering Your ScanNCut DX – Paper


Learn how to master your ScanNCut DX in this 48 video training course that also includes written instructions that you can download in PDF format

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If you have the older version of the machine, CLICK HERE for training programs.

Learn how to master your ScanNCut DX in this 48 video training course that also includes written instructions that you can download in PDF format.

The Mastering Your ScanNCut DX course will take you through both basic and advanced editing functions, how to work with both patterns and text, everything you need to know about scanning including scanning and cutting out patterns, creating your own cut files from scanned images and even saving images of your photos and precious documents. We also include how to use the drawing function, how to import and export patterns, how to set up the WiFi and so much more.

There are 48 videos in this course and all the videos plus the written instructions are available 24/7 for you to view online. However, if you prefer not to watch online, then all of the videos and written tutorials can be downloaded to your computer so that you always have them on hand.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to Move Patterns
  • How to Resize a Pattern
  • How to Duplicate a Pattern
  • How to Rotate a Pattern
  • How to Flip Patterns
  • How to Add More Patterns
  • How to Delete Patterns
  • How to Use the Select Tool
  • How to Group Patterns
  • How to Auto-Arrange Patterns
  • How to Align Patterns
  • How to Distribute Patterns Evenly
  • How to Weld Patterns
  • How to Use the Text Option
  • How to Weld Text
  • How to Align Text
  • Understanding the Different Scanning Modes
  • How to Improve Your Scan
  • Direct Cut Scanning – Grayscale
  • Direct Cut Scanning – Color
  • Scan to Cut Data – Grayscale
  • Scan to Cut Data – Color
  • Scan to USB
  • Fussy Cutting Using Patterns
  • Ignore Object Size
  • Scanning to Canvas Workspace – Direct Cut
  • Scanning to Canvas Workspace – Scan to Cut Data
  • Direct Cut Workaround
  • Scanning Adjustment
  • Setting Up the Pen Holder
  • How to Draw with the Pen Holder
  • Adding a Border to a Drawn Image
  • How to Set up and Use the Universal Pen Holder
  • Using Pens in the Universal Pen Holder
  • How to Fill Patterns with a Pattern
  • How to Make Lines Thicker When Drawing
  • How to Save a Pattern to the Machine
  • How to Save a Pattern to a USB
  • How to Transfer a Pattern to Canvas Workspace
  • How to Delete a Saved Pattern
  • How to Import a Pattern via USB
  • How to Import a Pattern via WiFi
  • How to Import SVG Files
  • Setting Up Your WiFi Connection
  • Understanding System Settings


“Thank you for this course, I found it very informative and one of the best I have followed, very clearly explained and being able to download the videos is wonderful, also being able to print the PDF is an extra bonus. So thank you and will most definitely be suggesting your course to those who are struggling.”… Joy H