Cutting Fabric With Your ScanNCut


Did you buy your ScanNCut to cut fabric? If so, this is the course for you. We take you through step by step on how to successfully cut fabric for quilting and applique.

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PLEASE NOTE: This training applies to both the Brother ScanNCut 1 and the Brother ScanNCut 2.  It does not apply to the ScanNCut DX or the DesignNCut machines.

Did you buy your ScanNCut to cut fabric? If so, this is the course for you

cutting-applique-19We know a lot of people who purchased their ScanNCut machine specifically to cut fabric for quilting and appliqué, but are struggling to make it work. I’ll be honest with you, we did too. We managed to conquer cutting paper after some trial and error but whenever we tried to cut a bit of fabric with the machine, we would always end up with either the fabric not cutting cleanly or the fabric lifting and getting caught in the blade. In other words, a complete mess.

cutting-felt-16However, we kept at it and we finally got to the point where we have became totally confident cutting fabric and I have to say, it’s a good feeling to have. We want you to feel that way as well and that’s why we created this training program. It will take you through from start to finish on how to cut fabric with your Brother Scan n Cut machine.


What’s Included

In this course, you will learn:

  • what ScanNCut mats and sheets to use when cutting fabricscan-applique-template
  • how to use the drawing pens to create seam allowances
  • why test cutting is important and how to do it
  • how to apply and use a Fabric Support Sheet when cutting fabric
  • alternative methods for cutting fabric that don’t require a Fabric Support Sheet
  • how to add seam allowances to the inside and to the outside of fabric
  • how to cut fabric for applique
  • how to use lutrador (or Pellon Rainbow Spun) for applique
  • what settings to use on your ScanNCut for cutting fabric and when to use them
  • how to access and navigate the online software tool – ScanNCut Canvas
  • how to convert SVG files to applique cutting files
  • convert-svg-to-applique-10how to convert PDF templates to cutting files
  • how to access and use PES/PHC files on your ScanNCut (Applicable to PES compatible ScanNCut machines only)
  • how to use embroidery formats other than PES/PHC in your ScanNCut to cut applique (Applicable to PES compatible ScanNCut machines only)
  • how to apply applique data to embroidery files using Embrilliance, Embird and PE-Design – NOTE: We only have the demo versions of PE-Design and Embrilliance so can only provide instruction on applying the applique data but we cannot illustrate how to save the final file. (Applicable to PES compatible ScanNCut machines only)
  • how to fussy cut fabric with the ScanNCut
  • how to fussy cut fabric using shapes with the ScanNCut
  • how to scan printed templates, applique and quilt patterns and convert them to cutting files
  • how to successfully cut felt
  • how to set up your WiFi connection

fussy-cut-fabricThere are 37 videos in this course with written step-by-step instructions included for each video.  All the videos and instructions are available 24/7 for you to view online, but if you prefer you can download them to your computer so that you always have them on hand. The written instructions can be downloaded in PDF form.




2 1/2 years ago I bought a Scan N Cut CM650W thinking I would use it to cut patches for patchwork quilts.  I had no success at all.  Didn’t want to put Steam a Seam on the back of quilt pieces, and couldn’t get them cut properly without it.  Last November I purchased your Working with Fabric training program.   I’ve been so overwhelmed by my SnC that I couldn’t make myself try to use it.  However, yesterday I made up my mind to try to cut some applique pieces to use in a machine embroidery project.   I downloaded the new Canvas Workspace program and was able to cut and use applique pieces to machine embroidery a flower that consisted of stem, three leaves, and three flower with five petals each!  I made some mistakes but none that kept me from completing my project!  I just wanted to let you know that without your lessons, I could have never done this.   I was ready to give away or try to sell my SnC.  However, now I can’t wait to use it for more projects.  Thanks to you!

Marie Naves
Western NC – Land of the Sky (USA)


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