Mastering Brother Canvas Workspace – PC & MAC


This course is for those of you who want to create projects, convert SVG files into cutting files and edit and design new shapes and patterns using the downloadable PC or MAC version of Canvas Workspace.

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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing this Course

  • We have 3 other ScanNCut courses that you may be interested in. Click here to view the other courses.
  • You should already know the basics of using your ScanNCut as we do not teach you how to use the machine in this training course. This is purely a course on learning how to use the downloadable software.
  • This training will work for the ScanNCut 1 and 2 and the ScanNCut DX.
  • Although this course is suitable for both paper and fabric, we also have a more detailed fabric component for ScanNCut Canvas in the fabric course.

Are you ready to start creating your own ScanNCut cutting files?

This course is for those of you who want to create projects, convert SVG files into cutting files and edit and design new shapes and patterns using the downloadable PC or MAC version of Canvas Workspace.

Canvas Workspace allows you to create your own projects using the basic shapes, fonts, borders and logos installed in the machine and to import SVG and image files in order to convert them into cutting files.

You are just going to love the versatility and creativity that you will experience using Brother Canvas Workspace. The projects you can create are limitless.

What’s Included

This is a complete course that will take you through from start to finish – you will learn how to download and install Canvas Workspace on your PC or MAC, how to work with patterns and text, weld shapes and words, create templates and how to create your own cutting files from imported .svg, .jpg etc files. We also take the mystery out of using those tricky Path tools.

There are 57 videos in this course and all the videos plus the written instructions are available 24/7 for you to view online. However, if you prefer not to do that, then all of the videos and PDF written tutorials can be downloaded to your computer so that you can watch them offline.

Some of the things you will learn in this course include:

    • The Basics
      • How to Download and Install Canvas Workspace
    • Navigating Canvas Workspace
      • Navigating the Main Screen
      • Navigating the Sub-menu
      • Understanding the Display Settings
    • Working with Shapes
      • Shapes Overview
      • Moving, Rotating, Resizing Shapes
      • Duplicating, and Aligning Shapes
      • Grouping Shapes
      • Flipping Shapes
      • Changing the Order of Shapes
      • Using Color
      • Adding a Border to Shapes
      • Creating Scoring Lines
    • Combining Patterns
      • Welding, Dividing, Subtracting and Removing Overlapped Shapes.
    • Working with Text
      • Starting with Text
      • Resizing and Spacing
      • Changing Fonts
      • Welding Text
      • Combining Text with Shapes
      • Working with the Inbuilt Words
      • Installing New Fonts
    • Working with Layers
      • Learn how to use the new layer options
    • Working with Borders
      • Borders Overview
      • Combining Borders
      • Creating your own Borders using shapes
    • Working with Drawings
      • Create drawings files
      • Adding borders to your drawings
    • Working with Path Tools
      • Creating straight lines and shapes
      • Creating curved lines and shapes
      • Path Editing Tools
      • Freehand Path Tool
    • Working with Inbuilt Projects
      • How to Use Canvas Projects
      • How to Edit Canvas Projects
    • Importing Shapes & Converting Shapes to Cutting Files
      • Importing svg, jpg, png, bmp, gif and fcm files
    • Saving, Exporting and Deleting Files
      • Saving files to your computer
      • Saving files from Canvas Workspace to the Machine
      • Saving files to USB
      • Retrieving saved projects
      • Transferring files via WiFi (ScanNCut 2 users only)
    • Projects
      • Learn how to create a Greeting Card Template
      • Learn how to create a Gift Tag
      • Learn how to create a Stencil


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  • Is the course mailed to me?
    • The training course is only available on our website by logging in. Once logged in, you can view the videos and written instructions on the website or if you prefer you can download both the videos and written instructions to your computer. The choice is yours.