Getting Started: Making Your First Cut (Paper)


In this ScanNCut Beginners Course we take you from ‘What’s in the Box’ through to ‘Making Your First Cut’. This course will have you cutting files for your scrapbooking and card projects, confidently, in no time at all.

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PLEASE NOTE: This training applies to both the Brother ScanNCut 1 and the Brother ScanNCut 2.  It does not apply to the ScanNCut DX or the DesignNCut machines.

This is the Beginners Course and is the first course in a series of four.

Is your Brother ScanNCut still sitting in it’s box?

wanda-paula-1If you’re like us, you held out high hopes for your Brother Scan n Cut. You saw all the flashy ads and promo videos showing you how beautifully it cuts, even for the most intricate of designs, how much time you would save not having to fussy cut ever again and how you could not only cut paper but fabric, vinyl, plastic and all sorts of other things with just the press of a button. And you wouldn’t have to buy expensive extra dies.

And then you brought it home…tried it out a few times…and promptly put it in the cupboard never to be seen again.

This is exactly what happened to us. We decided to buy one to share between the two of us, and to be honest, it wasn’t as easy as we thought it was going to be at the start. We had problems figuring out what blade and pressure settings to use in each situation without cutting through the mat, the paper would slip when it cut or the opposite would happen where the paper would stick like glue to the mat and be impossible to take off without tearing it all up. It was just a mess and nothing seemed to flow easily.

Then one day, we decided that we just had to persevere and give it a second chance and we are so glad we did. We got it out of the cupboard and kept playing and experimenting until we were at the point where we felt we had mastered it.

We now use it pretty much on a daily basis and wonder what we ever did without it.

brother-scanncutThe Brother Scan n Cut is a complex machine with many options and knowing the best options to select can be tricky as each situation is different.

Whenever we are teaching someone to use the Scan n Cut, even if their main purpose for using it is to cut fabric, we always get them to practice by cutting paper first. Once you master cutting paper, cutting fabric becomes a lot easier and you won’t waste all that lovely fabric while you are learning.

Even so, cutting paper can be tricky because there are a lot of variables to take into account including the:

  • type of mat to use
  • type of blade to use
  • blade setting
  • pressure setting
  • speed setting
  • thickness of the paper or card

BSNC Quick StartEach of these things must be combined in just the right way to create the best cut.

I don’t know how many times we have heard from people who have cut straight through their mat because they just took their Scan n Cut out of the box, plugged it in and proceeded to cut without realising that the blade setting was way too deep for the type of paper they were using.

Now it may seem a bit overwhelming at first to get all this right but trust me when I say that it isn’t as confusing as it seems, and once you know the basics you will be cutting paper like a pro.

Who is this Course For??

This course is for those of you who have brought your ScanNCut home and never taken it out of the box; or maybe you have unpacked it but have had trouble making a successful cut; or maybe you are just daunted by the whole prospect.

What’s Included

This is the perfect beginner’s training course and includes

25 videos
plus full written instructions

that will demystify your Brother Scan n Cut so that you can begin to master your machine.

We take you from ‘What’s in the Box’ through to ‘Making Your First Cut’. 

What You Will Learn in This Training Course:

  • how to update your machine
  • understanding the mats
  • understanding the holders
  • understanding the blades
  • how to change the blade
  • how to change the holder
  • recommended blade settings
  • how to cut paper from start to finish
  • how to make a test cut
  • how to scan for pattern placement
  • how to load your mat correctly
  • how to adjust pressure and speed settings
  • how to adjust the screen
  • how to clean the scanner glass
  • how to clean the holder
  • how to transfer files to the ScanNCut using a USB

PLUS, you will receive 6 BONUS ScanNCut cutting files

What Our Customers Think

Sharon:Thank you so much Wanda and Paula (AlandaCraft) for producing this fantastic course. I am thoroughly enjoying each step and feeling more and more confident using my new Brother Scan n Cut. I will certainly be recommending this course to friends who also have purchased this machine. I am more than thrilled to work thru your course… its sooo comforting to work thru. I have had my Brother Scan and Cut for 3 months and just was sooooo lost as to using it, even working with the book that came with it. Very overwhelming!  I started watching your Youtube clips and the first thing I did was the update! Soooo easily explained! So when your email/newsletter came in overnight and it was the first one I read this morning (early) I couldn’t wait to subscribe to the course! Thank you again….’


  • Does this course cover all versions of the ScanNCut?
    • Yes! We own both the Brother ScanNCut 1 and the Brother ScanNCut 2 so we make sure both versions are covered in all of our training courses.
  • How do I register for the course?
    • If you have already purchased a course from us, simply login and then come back to this page and purchase the course by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button above and completing the purchase. The course will be added to your account and you will be able to access it from your ‘My Account’ page.
    • If you haven’t purchased a training course from us as yet, then simply click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button at the top of this page and then click the ‘View Cart’ button that appears above it to complete the payment and registration process.
  • How do I access the course once I have purchased it?
    • You will be redirected from Paypal straight back to this website and you will see your My Account page. You will be able to access your course from that page. If for some reason, you are not redirected, then you can go to this page and login.
  • Is the course mailed to me?
    • The training course is only available on our website by logging in. Once logged in, you can view the videos and written instructions on the website or if you prefer you can download both the videos and written instructions to your computer. The choice is yours.
  • Does this course include instructions on using fabric?
    • No. Not everyone wants to learn about fabric so we have a separate fabric course which is available here.
  • Does this course include instructions on using the online ScanNCut Canvas software?
    • No. The training for ScanNCut Canvas is quite intensive and has been created as a separate training course which is available here.