Dream Machine 2 Project – Zippered Pouch Using My Design Center


Create your own super cute, in hoop, zippered pouch in the Dream Machine 2 ‘My Design Centre’. Full tutorial.

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Note: This training course is for the Dream Machine 2.

Did you know that you can design your own in-the-hoop embroidery designs using your Brother Dream Machine? The My Design Center option on your machine allows you to do just that.

dream machine 2 zippered pouch tutorial using my design centerFor this in-the-hoop project we are going to create this cute zippered pouch/purse. We take you step by step through the process on how to create the design, stitch it out, add the zip and complete it. We also show you how to add embroidery, text or apply an appliqué to make your pouch/purse even more personalised and unique.

This completed zippered pouch measures approximately 6 7/8″ x 4 3/4″ and has so many uses. They also make great quick and easy gifts. Once you have created the template and converted it to an embroidery file, you can use it again and again, any time you want to make more pouches.

This training is a great way to learn how to use My Design Center and see what it can really do.

What’s Included

  • 7 step-by-step videos taking you through the process from start to finish

What You Will Learn

  • How to create the template for your zippered pouch using My Design Center.
  • How to convert your template to an embroidery file.
  • How to add text to your zippered pouch.
  • How to add applique to your zippered pouch.
  • How to add an embroidery design to your zippered pouch.
  • How to stitch out your zippered pouch.

PLEASE NOTE: This training course is a VIDEO-ONLY course. There are NO written instructions so it is highly recommended that you have the ability to watch the training whilst in front of your Dream Machine. You can watch the videos streamed on this website or you can download them to watch offline.

brother dream machine 2 project - zippered pouch

​What Our Customers Have to Say...

Carol Froggatt


​Dear Paula and Wanda

​Thank you soooooooooooooo much for the first lesson on the Dream Machine 2!!!!

​It was wonderful & easy to understand and really quite brilliant.

​I will now undertake some Scan'n'Cut training based on your Dream Machine training.

​Thank you very much

​When is the next one? Please?