Create Your First Art Quilt

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This is an online training course that you can watch at any time in the comfort of your own home.

Creating an art quilt can be a liberating experience, it gives you the chance to release your inner bohemian and let your creativity flow. However, it’s often easier said than done, especially if you have never created an art quilt before. So where do you start?

The quilt we are going to make in this training course is reminiscent of the Australian Outback, with vibrant colours and the iconic gecko.  We take you right through the process, from start to finish, on how to create your very first art quilt. We show you how to choose your fabrics, how to cut and sew your background and how to quilt your background (and no, you don’t need to know how to free-motion quilt for this art quilt). Plus, you will also learn how to prepare, cut and sew your applique and how to finish your quilt with binding and pockets on the back so you can hang your piece of art on the wall.

INCLUDES: Step-by-step videos that you can watch online or download to your computer. Printable templates are included for those who do not have a ScanNCut, and .fcm cutting files are included for those who do.

Skill Level: Suitable for a Confident Beginner. You must be able to sew before undertaking this project and it is preferable if you have previously made a quilt. You don’t need to know how to raw edge appliqué as we will cover this in the course.

What You Need:

  • Batik fabrics – 13 different colours for the background strips. (Quilting fabrics can be used if preferred).
  • Backing fabric – a minimum of 33″ x 22″ – can be Batik, muslin/calico or quilting fabric.
  • Batting – a minimum of 33″ x 22″.
  • Fabric for binding.
  • Thread for top stitching. You can use either embroidery thread or cotton. Can be matching or contrasting, depending on the look you want.
  • 1 piece Batik 12″ x 12″ for the Gecko.
  • 1 piece Batik 12″ x 12″ for 2 of the leaves.
  • 1 piece Batik 9″ x 9″ for the 3rd leaf.
  • Fusible Web such Wonder-Under or Vliesolfix etc for the appliqué.

The completed art quilt will measure approximately 17″ x 28″.

Lessons Included in this Course

Each lesson comes with a video and course notes are provided.

  1. Choose Your Fabric
  2. Prepare Your Strips
  3. Cut Your Strips into Curves
  4. Sew Your Strips
  5. How to Trim Your Quilt Front
  6. Preparing Your Backing and Batting
  7. Create Your Quilt Sandwich
  8. Quilt the Sandwich
  9. Prepare & Cut the Applique – using the printable paper template or ScanNCut cutting files.
  10. Iron on Your Applique
  11. Sew Your Applique
  12. Tie Off Your Threads
  13. Trim Your Quilt Sandwich
  14. Add the Corner Hanging Pockets
  15. Prepare and add Your Binding

BONUS – We also include a step-by-step bonus video on how to use the scraps left over from making your art quilt.

art quilt tutorial

art quilt tutorial

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