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How to Use the Applique Patterns from Our Store

In this video, you will learn how to use the ScanNCut applique files that you purchased from our store.

4 thoughts on “How to Use the Applique Patterns from Our Store

  1. I’m about to cut appliqué flowers for a quilt. I have followed creating the cutting file from PES and SVG files. I understand that an appliqué has first a placement line, then when fabric is applied a stitch down. So far the stitch down has not been successful with the cut files, even though I have added 3mm to the size of the flower in the Scan n Cut settings.

    What is the correct way to add extra fabric to the cut file size so that a stitch down is successful?

    Hope you can help. I enjoyed the Scan n Cut with Fabric course very much, so much information.

    Valerie Irani.

    1. You can resize in the machine but normally you would do this in your embroidery software as depending on the embroidery software you use, it should allow you to inflate the cutting line. Are you using an embroidery software of some sort?

  2. I have Embrilliance software on my Mac

    1. Okay, then if you have Embrilliance, just log in to your account here on the site as you have purchased the Cutting Fabric course from us. Once you’ve logged in, go to the Module 11 and select Unit 6 of that course. In that unit you will see steps on how to access the applique section. If you follow the steps, you will see that we select ‘Applique Material’ but you actually need to select ‘APPLIQUE POSITION’ instead. When you select that option you will see an INFLATE option. Here you can increase the size of the shape.

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